Need appliance rentals in Albury?

Need appliance rentals in Albury? Percy Rentals can provide you with a wide range of state of the art appliances and other products for great prices. No need to fork out thousands of dollars to have the best quality appliances. We can allow you to always have the best while only paying a fraction of the price. Our product range includes washing machines, computers and cool rooms.

Family with rented television from Albury's appliance rentals

Home entertainment equipment

Our appliance rentals in Albury extends to home entertainment equipment. If you want to experience the sound and visual quality of the cinemas at home, but don't want to spend a fortune, we have the answer! We hire out a range of top quality televisions, DVD players and surround sound systems for affordable prices. To find out about our range, call us today.

Fridges and freezers

People always tend to run into problems when it comes to fridges and freezers. Motors can break down and seals can come loose. Cooling elements can malfunction causing you many frustrations. Percy rentals can rent you a top of the line fridge for a great price and none of the above problems will be yours again.

Gym equipment

Forget having to line up to use equipment at the local gym, surrounding by sweaty people. At Percy Rentals we can hire out a range of top quality gym equipment so you can work out from the comfort of your home in Albury. This way you can get fit and watch TV at the same time. And if you want to change up your workout, you can swap your equipment for something different whenever you want!